The Russo Brothers are done with Marvel (until the end of the decade)

The Russo Brothers are done with Marvel until the end of the decade
The Russo Brothers are done with Marvel until the end of the decade

Anthony Russo, Marvel boss Kevin Feige, and Joe Russo

The Russo Brothers have an indisputably stellar record within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (at least when it comes to numbers). They capped off a successful run that started with Captain America: The Winter Soldier with one of the biggest box office hits of all time, Avengers: Endgame. It’s no wonder that Marvel Studios—and everyone else—is eager to work with them. But Joe and Anthony Russo tell Variety they need a serious break from superheroes (or at least those superheroes).

“We won’t be ready to do anything with Marvel until the end of the decade,” is Joe’s oddly specific timeline for reuniting with the studio that made them blockbuster directors. Whether that’s because they’re burnt out on Avengers or simply because they’re hard at work building franchises for other major companies is unclear.

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What is clear is that they’re focused on their production company, AGBO Films, which they hope to be an “independent ecosystem” where they can chart the new frontier of filmmaking. “AGBO is designed to allow every project we work on to have its own unique life,” Anthony tells the outlet. “That was the fundamental cornerstone of the company. All possibilities are always available to us. There’s nothing that’s off the table.”

That said, traditional theatrical releases are kind of off the table, or will be soon, the directing duo reiterates. Joe instead imagines a future where you can interrupt a 3D, artificially intelligent version of Tom Cruise mid-scene and ask him how he performed his stunts, all from the comfort of your own home. (No, seriously.) “Whether we like it or not, the advent of AI, the advent of three-dimensional projectors that don’t require glasses, the advent of deepfakes—everything that’s coming is going to transition the face of media as we know it,” he says. “And we’re interested in turning the car towards that.” Guess Marvel can call them back up when it can beam CGI directly into our brainwaves, or something.

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