Russian Reporter Punched on Live TV

On Russian television station NTV, reporter Nikita Razvozzhayev ran into just a little bit of trouble while covering Paratroopers’ Day celebrations at a park in Moscow.

Paratroopers’ Day is for celebrating airborne service members past and present. Along with the celebration comes heavy alcohol consumption, the occasional fight, and now a drunk guy punching a reporter on live TV while apparently yelling about conquering Ukraine.

Soon after Razvozzhayev began his report, a large man began yelling and apparently cursing, based on the bleeps in the video, and got very close to the reporter. Razvozzhayev said something to the man, then turned back to the camera. Then the man unexpectedly punched Razvozzhayev hard in the side of the face.

Razvozzhayev took the punch, a little dazed, but stayed on his feet and walked away from the man. The cameraman, for his part, didn’t try to stop any further attack, deciding instead to zoom out to a wide shot and record whatever was going to happen next.

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