Russell Simmons's teenage daughter blasts high school bully who 'cannot stop saying the N-word'

Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons’s teenage daughter, Aoki, called out a racist kid at her high school during a recent Instagram Live. The 16-year-old student also voiced her frustration over how no one at the school seems to be doing anything about the upsetting situation.

“I’m so over people at my school being racist and no one doing anything about it,” she shared on social media. “I go to school to work, I don’t even talk to these people because I’m busy. I’m trying to go to Yale. I’m trying to go to Harvard. I don’t have time for you!”

Aoki Simmons at The Fonda Theatre on August 20, 2017 in Los Angeles, Calif. (Photo: Getty Images)
Aoki Simmons at The Fonda Theatre on August 20, 2017 in Los Angeles, Calif. (Photo: Getty Images)

“And this particular kid, I swear, all day long. He is white and he cannot stop saying the N-word,” Simmons added. “It’s like his favorite thing to say. He just cannot stop. I don’t even use it like that and he just loves to use it and see how far he can push it, see how many people he can offend.”

She continued, “And all his friends don’t care. They all think they’re woke, nice, good people, his friends, but they don’t stop him.”

Simmons gave an example, saying she and the unidentified male student were recently put in a group together for a project. She called him a “goof off,” explaining she was doing most of the work, talking to herself as she wrote the assignment.

“You talk, you write… I guess he found that weird, so he looks up from his phone, Mr. Do No Work, and he goes, ‘N*****, are you on crack or something?'” she revealed. Apparently, this student tries to claim he uses the N-word “in a friendly way” with her, which Simmons says isn’t true.

“We don’t get along,” she explained. “I’ve given up trying to make him stop saying it period, but I really will not be called that.”

Simmons’s famous parents have yet to weigh in publicly about the situation.

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