Russ’ Georgia Home Reportedly Burglarized

Russ’ Georgia home was reportedly the target of a burglary. According to TMZ, the rapper’s property was ransacked as thieves made off with his girlfriend’s Mercedes-Benz, bags, and five guns. These weapons included “two Glock 19s, a C Z Scorpion, and two Walther handguns,” WSBTV reported. Russ told authorities that the stolen bags were two Chanel purses: one pink, valued at $15k, and a black colorway, priced at $9k.

The police report indicates that the New Jersey-born emcee phoned the Roswell Police Department early Friday morning (Nov. 17). The artist, né Russell James Vitale, alerted the authorities that he wasn’t home during the time of the robbery but saw the chaos unfold on his security cameras. He then Facetimed the police to guide them through his house and collect evidence.

Upon examination, authorities discovered two people entering Vitale’s home. The two figures entered the premises from the basement patio door. The pair was recorded exiting the home close to midnight carrying bookbags, suitcases, and other merchandise. Due to the people wearing gloves, masks, and heavily guarded jackets, police claim they couldn’t get a proper look at their facial features.

Additionally, surveillance footage shows every corner of Russ’ home being hit by the thieves. WSBTV reports that multiple drawers, containers, jewelry boxes, and rooms were opened and or emptied.

The thieves then used Vitale’s girlfriend’s 2020 Mercedes C Class AMG to escape. However, before departing, they searched two other cars in the garage, leaving one of the doors ajar. The outlet also detailed that the Mercedes was documented hopping on Interstate 285 around 12:30 AM.

Authorities haven’t determined the unknown figures and their identities. Russ also has remained silent on the robbery thus far.

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