Runaway June's Natalie Stovall Says She's 'Back' After Testing Positive for COVID

Brianne Tracy
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natalie stovall/ instagram Natalie Stovall

Natalie Stovall is thankful to be heading into the new year in good health.

On Thursday, the Runaway June singer, 38, shared on Instagram that she tested positive for coronavirus several weeks ago but has since been cleared.

"She's back! Ha," Stovall captioned a selfie. "We've had a full on Covid Christmas round these parts. I tested positive a few weeks ago and hunkered down with lots of grocery deliveries. (And care packages from sweet @hayleycorbett_ !)"

"So thankful it was a mild case," she continued. "Just achy, exhausted, and SO STRANGE not to taste or smell! But I have been cleared by Vanderbilt and am immune/ not contagious for at least 90 days. Guess that's the silver lining here. I know so many people hurting and affected by this awful disease. 💔"

Stovall concluded her post by saying that she and her husband of 12 years, James Bavendam, are "definitely counting our blessings."

"Stay safe and healthy out there, y'all," she wrote. "Here's to getting back to normalcy ASAP. 🥂"

Stovall — who joined Runaway June in May after the departure of Hannah Mulholland — was cleared just in time to help bandmate Jennifer Wayne's now-fiancé, Austin Moody, propose earlier this week.

Stovall artfully arranged for Wayne, 38, to meet her at the Ocean Way Recording Studios in Nashville on Monday for a recording session. But instead of Stovall waiting to greet her, it was Moody, 30, stationed out front, ready to get down on one knee.

After Wayne said yes to the big question, Stovall emerged to pop champagne for the newly engaged couple. Stovall and Wayne then FaceTimed their third Runaway June bandmate Naomi Cooke — who got engaged to Boys Like Girls frontman Martin Johnson two weeks prior — to share the happy news.

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CeCe Dawson Jennifer Wayne, Natalie Stovall and Naomi Cooke of Runaway June

Back in March, Wayne battled COVID-19 herself.

"March 31 was my mom's birthday, and that was the day I woke up with a dry cough," Wayne told PEOPLE in May. "The next day was my birthday, and my entire body started aching. I mean, I was in excruciating pain. It felt like someone was literally crunching my back together. I knew something was very, very wrong."

Wayne quickly called her doctor and was told to self-isolate, since at the time there was not extensive testing for the coronavirus available. In the days that followed, Wayne not only experienced the anxiety surrounding her possible illness, but also a major fatigue that she had never experienced before.

"I would get up to go to the bathroom, and I would be so exhausted that I would have to come back to bed and sleep for hours," said Wayne. "That lasted for a good five days. And then, I lost my sense of smell. That’s when I knew I had it."

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After traveling to a local medical facility, she got the test and found out she was indeed positive, even though she was feeling better. In May, she tested negative.

"I'm just so thankful that I had a mild case, and my parents didn't get it," said Wayne, the daughter of Aissa Wayne and granddaughter of late film icon John Wayne. "I'm the luckiest person alive."