Rudy Giuliani’s 'absurd' argument in court left lawyer for Pa. 'dumbfounded'

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Mark Aronchick, an attorney representing four Pennsylvania counties as the Trump campaign continues to dispute the election results, faced off against President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani in federal court on Tuesday. Giuliani, who had not presented a case to a federal judge in 28 years, took over as the Trump campaign’s lead lawyer after multiple law firms bowed out. According to Aronchick, who appeared on All In With Chris Hayes Tuesday night, Giuliani’s presentation was anything but convincing.

“The Trump campaign came in through Mr. Giuliani asserting a fantasy world,” Aronchick said. “It was a case that somehow involves 11 different states in a gigantic conspiracy with the biggest cities in the United States all joining in to somehow manufacture votes and change mail-in ballots, and somehow throw the election to Joe Biden. And I sat there dumbfounded because the story that was presented by Mr. Giuliani bore no relationship to the actual complaint in the case.”

According to Aronchick, Giuliani’s remedy for the alleged fraud was to throw out an ever-growing number of votes. Aronchick said Giuliani started off at 680,000 votes, and somehow ended up around 1.2 million.

“It's absurd on its face. In fact, the whole presentation was absurd on its face,” Aronchick said. “But I think what was telling was that when you're in a court and you have to sometimes explain yourself, you have to answer questions that the judge asks, and the judge pressed, is this about fraud and where is it pled that this is about fraud? And after some hemming and hawing, Mr. Giuliani basically said, no, this wasn't a complaint based on fraud. And instead it was based on some kind of a — all I can say is some kind of strange conspiracy idea.”

Aronchick said that at one point Giuliani tried making a connection between some election workers in Philadelphia and the mafia, and called some of the assertions Giuliani was making “deplorable.”

Aronchick summed up Giuliani’s presentation in federal court on Tuesday saying, “There’s nothing that they’ve shown that there’s fraud. There’s nothing that they’ve shown that there’s some kind of grand conspiracy here. It doesn’t make sense. Nothing that they said actually makes sense.”

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