Ruby Soho Has Talked With Ronnie Radke About Similarities In Music/Wrestling

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling
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Being in The Outcasts has given Ruby Soho a chance to talk to Falling in Reverse lead singer Ronnie Radke.

Speaking with Alicia Atout, AEW star Ruby Soho was asked whether she has spoken with her stablemate Saraya about music, as Atout figured they would bond over it. Soho noted that work has been so busy that they have not had the chance to. However, Ruby stated that she has spoken with Saraya and her boyfriend, Ronnie Radke, about the similarities between music and wrestling.

“Honestly, we haven’t talked a lot about music. I know, it’s crazy. A little bit here and there. But there’s always so much going on at work that that just kind of seems like not something that we really talk about. I know that we have talked with Ronnie [Radke] and stuff a little bit about the similarities between what her boyfriend goes through on stage and what we go through on stage, and how music and wrestling has a very similar feel to it, whether it’s those butterflies right before you go on stage, whether it’s being concerned about your performance, being a very audience-based crowd.

“I know that we’ve spoken about that, but not as far as really in-depth with music. It hasn’t ever come up, honestly. But yeah, I know we both have a love for music and a respect for everybody in that industry. It is very similar to what we do.”

Ruby Soho Wants To Talk To Saraya About Music

Ruby Soho continued by saying it was weird that she and Saraya had not spoken about music more. She stated that she would make it a priority at the AEW Dynamite taping on Wednesday.

“It is crazy, now that you’re mentioning it, the fact that we don’t talk a lot about music [laughs]. But you’ve been backstage, you know how those days [go],} Soho said. “There’s always a lot going on, so yeah, maybe we need to make that a little bit more of a priority [laughs]. There has to be [a lot of crossover].

“We should talk about that more. I’m gonna make that a priority on Wednesday, just like, ‘Let’s just sit down for 10 minutes and just talk about music because we’ve never done this.’”

The full interview can be seen here.

Ruby Soho is set to face Riho on the December 14 episode of AEW Dynamite. WrestleZone will have coverage of the show as it airs.

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