RS Recommends: From ‘Star Wars’ Characters to Skeletons, Here Are the Best Halloween Lawn Decorations

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Halloween is approaching fast, and the first place your mind goes may be to a costume for you, your partner, or your kids. But don’t forget your house and yard, too. If you live in a neighborhood with trick-or-treaters coming to the door, the best large Halloween lawn decorations help create an experience that they’ll remember year after year — and you can build it however you want.

If a terrifying haunted house that makes people scream (and, possibly scares them away) is what you’re after, these decorations are more detailed, sculpted, and realistic-looking than ever, making 2D paper hangups a thing of the past.

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Whatever you’re imagining, we found some of the best, weirdest, and genuinely scary additions to greet any guest — and make sure everyone in your area gets in the Halloween spirit this season.

Halloween Lawn Decorations Buying Guide

From the weather to high-tech features, here’s what you should consider when looking for the best Halloween decoration for your lawn.

Weather: A calm and not-too-cold night is perfect for trick-or-treating, but it’s unrealistic to count on that for the entire month (or more) that you’ve got these set up. That’s why nearly all of them come with some sort of basic stakes and wires to secure them down, often with additional sandbags too. These protect against mildly strong gusts of wind, to make sure your decor doesn’t keep blowing down (or worse, blowing down the street), but for a really solid and unmovable base, we recommend adding more weights.

Style: There’s a wide variety of different types of Halloween decorations out there, from Disney-themed movie characters to realistic statues that are taller than any human. But they’re not all created equal – literally, the materials can stretch all the way from stretchy inflatable plastic to detailed molding. That also affects the price point, but if you’ll be using these yearly, investing in a durable decoration that’s weather-resistant might be worth it.

Capabilities: If you expect these to just stand around on your lawn, you’re about to get a scare (as will anyone that approaches). The animatronic technology in some of the new high-tech decorations has gotten pretty impressive, with some capable of creepy movements synced with audio and LED lights to catch any guest off-guard. Some even come with built-in motion sensors for a real fright.

Halloween has had a resurgence in recent years as adults get back in on the fun too. Decorating your lawn with these items gives people a smile in the daytime and a scare at night, while letting trick-or-treaters know that your house is open for business.

What Are the Best Halloween Yard Decorations?

Whether you’re a Star Wars fan or just want something simple to display on your lawn, here are the best Halloween yard decorations to try out this year.

Home Accents Holiday 15-foot Phantom

At 15 feet, this will make even towering adults feel small. The ghoulish phantom is eye-catching during the day, but at night is when it really shines, literally: Its LED eyes power through even the foggiest, darkest Halloween eve to guide (or scare away) visitors. It’s also resistant to any weather, and is all one piece for simple installation.

Home Accents Holiday 15 ft Towering
Home Accents Holiday 15 ft Towering

Buy Towering Halloween Animatronic at… $399

Morbid Enterprises Star Wars Jabba The Hutt Lawn Inflatable

At 6 x 8 feet, this massive Jabba brings Star Wars to life right on your lawn. It comes with internal lights inside to make it shine at night, and it’s ideal for May the Fourth too. This includes the fan to inflate it and strings/stakes to secure it, but you’ll need to supply your own frozen Han Solo.

Buy: Jabba The Hutt Lawn Inflatable at $199.99 $199.99

Home Accents Holiday Witch Animatronic

Trick-or-treaters will do a double-take when they see this floating witch hovering in the dark with no strings attached … then get a good scare once it starts speaking to them. The built-in motion sensors trigger the animatronics to start playing audio synced to its mouth movements, with creepy pre-recorded scripts ready for Halloween.

Best Large Halloween Lawn Decorations 2022:
Best Large Halloween Lawn Decorations 2022:

Buy Home Accents Holiday Witch Halloween… $299

Gemmy Airblown Inflatable Halloween Pirate Ship

This pirate ship, with a colorful crew, stands tall at nearly 8 feet and captures attention from any passersby. Unlike some of the more realistic and scary options, this is a great one for children, as it’s more cartoony and welcoming to those who might be frightened by detailed monsters. It self-inflates, stakes down, and lights up too.

Best Large Halloween Lawn Decorations 2022:
Best Large Halloween Lawn Decorations 2022:

Buy Gemmy Airblown Inflatable Halloween… $219.99

Home Accents Holiday Giant-Sized Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton

This pumpkin-headed skeleton has LCD-lit eyes that pierce through the dark, along with posable arms and power to last the entire season. Ground stakes hold this firmly in place against winds (and in case it comes alive), and the sculptural detail makes it even more real-looking up close.

Best Large Halloween Lawn Decorations 2022:
Best Large Halloween Lawn Decorations 2022:

Buy Pumpkin Skeleton at $379.99

Goosh Halloween Inflatable Outdoor Zombie Baby

If a weird Halloween is what you’re going for, Goosh has got you covered with this giant zombie baby. It inflates to 4 feet high, features a zipper for quick air release when deflating, and comes in at an affordable price. Bonus: The head lights up to make things extra scary at night.

Buy: Outdoor Zombie Baby Decoration at $22.99

Joiedomi Inflatable Large Set of Eyes

Keep an eye (or two) on your front yard with this pair of inflatable peepers. The light-up eyes look great in front of your house, or especially in front-facing windows, making your building look alive. They come with built-in sandbags to weigh them down, ground stakes, and they aren’t connected to each other so you can spread them out.

Buy: Inflatable Large Set of Eyes at $36.99 $36.99

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