Ring’s Creed-Themed ‘Quick Replies’ Let You Ditch Door Watching to Attend The Movies

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Your favorite boxing champion returns to the big screen with Michael B. Jordan’s Creed III  hitting theaters on March 3. To get you ready to make that earlier premiere or late-night showing at your local theater, Ring has released limited-time Creed-themed “Quick Replies” for their popular line of video doorbells.

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Ring’s Quick Replies feature will automatically send a voice message to the person at the door, to let them know you’re busy. The Creed-themed replies include options like “Hey, what’s up! It’s Adonis Creed. Oh, I’m just wrapping up training with our friends, they’ll be right there.” Other automated responses include “Oh hey, yeah they’re training with me, Adonis Creed. I said jab, jab, then uppercut! Leave them a message” and “Ladies and Gentleman! The reigning champion of the house! uh… I guess they’re a uh… I guess they’re a no show. Please leave a message.” These limited-time Quick Replies are available now through the Ring app.

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Ring launched “Quick Replies” back in February 2021. The feature originally introduced six quick reply presets, which Ring doorbell users could then enable if they were busy or didn’t feel like coming to the door. Quick Replies can also prompt guests to leave a message at the door, which Ring video doorbell owners can then watch via Live-View or access at a later moment if they’re Ring Protect subscribers.

The latest Adonis Creed “Quick Replies” are compatible with the 2021-released Ring Video Doorbell 4 which also features improved color video compared to its predecessors.

Quick Replies should also function on older Ring doorbell models like the 2020 Video Doorbell. The only exception to this is the Ring Video Doorbell Wired.

Setting up these new Quick Replies is simple. Just open the Ring app, choose your device and click on smart responses. From there, choose the Quick Replies option and set it to your favorite Creed-themed prompt. Press “save” and you’re all done.

Creed III releases on March 3. Since this is a theatrical release there won’t be any way to stream Creed III movie during its initial release. That said, you can watch Creed prequels with a Hulu+ Live TV subscription or through Prime Video. We suggest choosing Hulu + Live TV as it gives you access to a multitude of live channels, plus Disney+, ESPN+ and unlimited DVR space, for all your favorite content. Subscribe now and catch up on all the Creed movies.

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