RS Recommends: Ditch the Gasoline and Get Ready for Winter With the Best Electric Snow Blowers

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best-electric-snowblowers - Credit: Amazon
best-electric-snowblowers - Credit: Amazon

Winter is coming. And though it’s hard to imagine being cold and wet right now, this is the time to start thinking about it. Traditional snowblowers can be the size of tanks and cost up into the thousands, not to mention they run on gasoline, which is harmful to breathe in and a fire hazard to keep indoors. But these newer models run on lithium batteries or cables, and offer a whole new set of benefits when your driveway and walkway are covered in snow. Here’s what to consider when getting one for your home.

Electric Snow Blowers Buying Guide

Here’s what we looked for in choosing the best electric snowblowers in this guide.

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Space: How big of a driveway or walkway are you working with? This one’s important for a few reasons. First, you’ll need the blower to cover the right amount of width to really clear a walkable path. Second, consider where the excess snow needs to go, because the street isn’t an option. You can dump it on your own yard or an unused spot of your property, but make sure your device has enough power and range to get it there. About 40 feet should do it.

Battery: Because these are replacing gas, they’ve gotta be powerful. And a 56V can handle about a six-car driveway covered with up to eight inches of snow, but you may not need that much. Even if you have an area larger than one battery can cover, many models have the space to hold dual batteries, and have a few more charging up back at your home base to simply swap out when ready.

Parts: The thrower might be the star of the show here, but consider all the parts it takes to even get the snow up to that point. Specifically the auger, which needs to be tough as nails, since this will be what’s slicing and dicing through stubborn ice and frozen flakes.

Extras: For using it at night, built-in bright headlights can be a huge help when you’re clearing your driveway at night or before the sun comes up. And when the storm’s over, having a unit that efficiently folds up makes it easy to store away for next year.

What Are the Best Electric Snow Blowers?

We found the best, most powerful snow blowers to stock up on now, well before the snowflakes start to fall.

Ego Power+ SNT2112 Peak Power Snow Blower

Ego’s beast of a snow blower features dual 5.0Ah batteries to make sure you don’t run out of power in the middle of the job. This has a maximum throw distance of 40 feet, plenty to move snow out of the way, and the steel auger can slice through ice almost twice as fast as other brands. This is water-resistant, with a heavy steel body, and a 21-inch width that makes it ideal for sidewalks.

Ego Snow Blower at

Price: $749.99 $699.00

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GreenWorks Pro Brushless Snow Blower

Greenworks goes above and beyond when it comes to land and garden equipment. This monster of an electric snow blower runs on powerful 40V lithium-ion batteries, which nets about 30 to 45 minutes of runtime, clearing a 20-inch path up to 10 inches deep. It’s also surprisingly silent, comparatively, to other brands, thanks to the brushless motor which is also easier to keep in working order.

A push-button start is all it takes to get this going. The six-inch rear wheels are able to maneuver around in extra slippery conditions, and the LED lights let you see the path ahead of you even at night.

Greenworks Snow Blower at $699.99

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Worx 40V Cordless Snow Blower

This cordless Worx snow blower is powered by two 20V 4.0Ah batters that can help hurl snow up to 20 feet away, cutting a 20-inch wide path that’s 10-inches deep. The chute also rotates 180 degrees so you can make sure the excess snow lands where it’s supposed to, and bright LED headlights make working in the dark without a problem.

Worx Snow Blower at

Price: $439.99 $419.99

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Snow Joe Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower


For a powerful and compact budget option, consider this Snow Joe. At just 34 pounds, it’s maneuverable and agile, and has a max throw distance of up to 25 feet, with a 180 degree adjustable chute. The four blade steel auger cuts a path that’s 18 inches wide by ten deep, ultimately moving up to 720 pounds of snow per minute.

Snow Joe Snow Thrower at

Price: $249.99 $159.00

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