Royce Da 5'9" Trolls Benzino After Rapper Challenges Him to 'Verzuz' Battle and Disses Eminem

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Royce da 5'9" has become Eminem's de facto buffer when it comes to frivolous beef. This was on full display when the rapper addressed Benzino for dissing Em and his loyal fanbase.

Royce took to both Instagram and Twitter on Tuesday where he trolled Benzino for living in the past.

"Y’all owe me for these laughs. I want my flowers for these hysterical outbursts during these trying times," Royce wrote. "This mufuka dun challenged me to a Verzuz battle... He prefaced this with “My Catalogue” 🔥 Shut the noise... I better get outta town ... Im not worthy... 🙌🏿 Challenge not accepted but big props to I see booty I see Booty."

He then made it clear that he's not getting into a virtual shouting match with someone who decided to do a nearly nude music video.

"Wish I would argue back and forth with a butt naked failure. Go get yourself together bro you got a whole grown daughter out here. You embarrassing us.... Put some clothes on," Royce tweeted before heading to Instagram.

"I don’t want no problems with you Mr 5 mics in the source. The streets know You dangerous when you desperate so Ain’t no telling what lengths you’re willing to elevate this misunderstanding to," Royce captioned a clip of Benzino's "The Bigger Picture" music video. "so put your shell back on and go do karate with the rest of the ninja turtles. I’m a God fearing, Peaceful fully clothed man."

Royce started trolling Benzino in response to the Boston-native letting his emotions get the best of him last month. Benzino went on the offensive against Eminem and his "Stans," rehashing years of beef via a string of now-deleted tweets. 'Zino called Em the "King Pussy" and referred to his fans as the "goofiest most out of touch fan base" in hip-hop.

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