Royce da 5'9" Responds to Fredro Starr's 'Nerd' Comments

Joshua Espinoza
·1 min read

Royce da 5'9" wasn't too pleased with Fredro Starr's recent "nerd" comments.

The mild drama began during an episode of the Rappers Ballers Podcast with special guest Van Lathan. At one point during the conversation, hosts Fredro and Jonny Vulgar began discussing what they considered to be "nerd" rap. Fredro began naming artists who he believes fit in that category—and Royce was one of the names.

"That’s my man. Look, I was on tour with Royce Da 5'9," Fredro said. "That's my n***a. We was on the Nelly tour together ... But I was tryna say that he would be in the nerd part of rap. That don’t mean you not a street n***a, though."

Fredro then went on to explain the kind of artist who he considers to be nerd rappers.

"N***as that read books, n****as that you know, the nerdy n***as," he said, before lightly mocking the name of Royce's last album. "What's the name of this n***a's last album? Royce Da 5'9? ... It was like some ill word."

"The Allegory," Lathan responded.

"I've never heard of that word until I heard him say it," Fredro said.

Royce caught wind of the conversation and shared clips of it on his Instagram account, before issuing a stern warning to Fredro.

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