Rosalia Lands in NYC: 5 Things to Know About Her Motomami World Tour

Spanish juggernaut Rosalía arrived last week in the U.S. with her Motomami Wold Tour — which began last July in Almedría, Spain — in support of her 2022 chart-topping album, Motomami.

On Sunday night (Sep. 18), she kicked off a two-night engagement at a sold-out Radio City Music Hall in New York, where she had the audience eating from the palm of her hand. The show was punctuated by screams and tears and many “te amos” from fans, who didn’t miss a word or sat for a second from beginning to end.

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Rosalía’s North American tour includes stops in Toronto,  Washington, D.C., Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta and Miami and more before concluding the state side leg on Oct. 22. She will then head back to Europe, where her last concert is scheduled in Paris on Dec. 18.

Here are 5 things to know about the show”


With a white stage as a canvas, a black and white outfit, eight male dancers, three vertical screens and a stabilized camera feeding them live footage from the stage, it feels more like a piece of performance art worthy of the MoMA than the regular concert. Minimalistic yet effectively hypnotic, it allows to fully concentrate on what matters most: Rosalía’s sublime and powerful presence and voice.


Speaking of Rosalía’s voice, it shines the most when she flaunts her Spanish roots in songs like “Sakura” and “G3 N15.” The cantaora can really fill the space in a haunting, vulnerable way. It will give you chills.


Rosalía and her wonderful dancers keep the party going with their energetic moves, which are captured from different angles on the screen, complementing the artsy scene. Hits like “Bizcochito,” “Despechá” and “Chicken Teriyaki” keep everyone on their feet.


Rosalía matches the simplicity and purity of her show by removing her make up and letting her hair down on stage, seating on a beauty parlor’s-like chair while she performs “Diablo.” “I am make-up free and dishevelled, but I feel good, at ease,” she told audience at the Radio City Music Hall.


Rosalía’s fans are a no less a part of the show, singing along each and every song, without missing a beat. They will cry at the sight of her idol and scream at the top of their lungs beginning to end.

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