‘The Rookie’ Bids Farewell To Original Cast Member

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SPOILER ALERT: This article contains details about the Season 4 premiere of The Rookie.

The Rookie has said farewell to Officer Jackson West. Played by original cast member Titus Makin Jr., the character was killed off in Sunday night’s Season 4 premiere.

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The Season 3 finale saw Angela Lopez (Alyssa Diaz) and Jackson West being kidnapped by Sandra “La Fiera” De La Cruz (Camille Guaty). The opening scene of the Season 4 premiere saw Lopez and West being forced into getaway cars and Sergeant Grey (Richard T. Jones) and others reviewing the security camera footage. Jackson, filmed from behind, was seen struggling with his kidnappers and eventually was shot in the back. The team then went on a mission to rescue Angela and her unborn baby and to track down the killers who ended Jackson’s life.

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There had been much speculation of the fate of Jackson West following the Season 3 finale. In an interview with TVLine earlier this month, showrunner Alexi Hawley discussed Makin’s upcoming departure. “What I can say is that Titus [Makin] was not coming back to the show, so we needed to do the best that we could to honor the character who’s been so primally a part of the show,” Hawley told TVLine without elaborating on Makin’s exit.

There has been no word from Makin on his departure.,

Makin had been with the ABC procedural since the series’ launch as Officer Jackson West, son of Internal Affairs CO Percy West.

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