What Are Roo Doing?! Joey Tries to Get in Wrong Pouch

A kangaroo joey had a bit of an amusing mix-up at a shelter in Victoria on March 29.

Footage by Nikki Medwell, a director at Red Box Wildlife Shelter in Elphinstone, shows adorable joey Jelly Bean trying to climb into its aunt’s pouch instead of its mother’s.

Poor Aunt Winky appears taken aback by the youngster’s attempt, and quickly shoos Jelly Bean away.

“The mother of the little one is the daughter of a kangaroo we rehabilitated here. Jelly Bean is a second generation from a rescued kangaroo,” Medwell told Storyful.

“They are all free. No enclosures. Our shelter is 60 acres of native Australian bushland where they are safe to live in peace,” she added. Credit: Nikki Medwell via Storyful