Ronda Rousey Tells Gruesome Story of Nearly Severing Her Finger

Ronda Rosuey is one tough cookie!

The former UFC star turned actress nearly severed her finger her on the set of her show "9-1-1 ," and took to Instagram to explain the gory details.

32-year-old Rousey shared the NSFW image, and it's amazing her digit was able to be saved after hearing what went down.

Rousey explained it was a,

"Freak accident, first take of the day a boat door fell on my hand, I thought I just jammed my fingers so I finished the take before looking (I know it sounds crazy, but I’m used to live audiences and never showing pain unless I’m supposed to) after a break in the action I told our director the situation and was rushed via ambulance to the hospital where they promptly reattached my bone and tendon with a plate and screws."

She went on to explain,

"I returned to filming the next day and finished my scenes before returning home to recover. Modern medicine amazes me, I already had 50% range of motion back in 3 days."

Rousey also promised to reveal the full story in the coming days, and asked people to tune into "9-1-1" when her show airs, "to see how well I can act like my finger didn’t just fall off in this upcoming season."

Support for Ronda flooded her comments as soon as she posted the gruesome photo.

WWE star Natalya Neidhart wrote, "UGH- you are tough!!!!!!!"

Kurt Angle also weighed in, telling Ronda, "Gees Ronda. Prayers to you."

Discovery "Shark Week" star, and amputee, Paul de Gelder joked with Rousey, telling her, "We're basically the same now."

Get well soon!

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