Ron White's Marriage Deemed Legal, Estranged Wife Can Go After Him for Spousal Support

Ron White got some bad news on Tuesday after a California judge ruled his marriage to Margo Rey was in fact a common-law marriage under Texas law, giving her the opening to go after him for spousal support.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the judge ruled that the October 13, 2013 wedding the couple went through was "to any outside observer ... a marriage ceremony."

The judge stated, "Wedding invitations ... were sent to prospective guests, at least 300 guests attended, the ceremony was publicized to the national media, the officiant was a minister, vows and rings were emotionally exchanged, and official pronouncement of husband and wife status was made by the officiant under the powers granted him by the state of Texas."

The judge then added, "The fact that [White] did not believe or mean it to be a marriage ceremony is not deemed credible by the Court and is in any event irrelevant."

White had also argued that he did not believe the marriage was binding because the proposed prenuptial agreement had not been signed by Rey before the wedding.

But the judge said "the failure of this did not stop him from going through with the outward trappings of" the wedding. He also pointed out that White "took no steps to either halt the wedding ceremony, nor alert any of the guests of the alleged 'sham' nature" of the wedding.

Rey filed for spousal support in California in 2017 and White pushed back, claiming they were never legally married.

The Blast reached out to reps for both White and Rey to see if they wanted to comment on the ruling but neither has responded to this point.