Ron DeSantis’ Press Secretary Shuts Down a Trump Campaign Advisor in Rumble Over Old Jan. 6 Tweets

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Ron DeSantis’ press secretary, Jeremy Redfern, took on X Strategies CEO Alex Bruesewitz, whose firm Donald Trump hired to help manage his current presidential campaign in a Twitter back and forth. It came to a close after Redfern proved Bruesewitz previously called for U.S. Capitol rioters to receive the death penalty in a since-deleted tweet.

“While you’re here… Why did you delete this?” Redfern questioned Bruesewitz in a tweet on Wednesday. “Did you want the death penalty for Trump supporters, or did you change your mind after seeing more evidence?”

Redfern, who was promoted from deputy press secretary to press secretary in the governor’s office in May, tweeted his remarks along with a screenshot of a tweet Bruesewitz posted on Jan. 10. In the quoted tweet, Bruesewitz wrote “Death penalty for cop killers! Animals!” over a post that showed rioters attacking the U.S. Capitol.

The Twitter tussle started after Bruesewitz responded to a Twitter thread Redfern posted about a Washington Post article that was going to come out about DeSantis, and criticizing “corporate media.”

“Given DeSantis’ history of lying, no one believes you or your team any more,” Bruesewitz said to Redfern. That’s when Redfern brought out the hammer with the screenshot of Bruesewitz urging for the death penalty for the rioters. Trying to cover himself up, Bruesewitz called Redfern’s receipts “fake.”

“Given your teams history of making fake tweets, I’m sure this is fake,” Bruesewitz said. “Also, why won’t the governor condemn the anti semitic language used by his influence Pedro Gonzalez?”

With his arsenal of proof ready, Redfern replied to Bruesewitz and said, “Fake? Alex. It’s archived,” posting a web link to the archived tweet.

This led to Bruesewitz deleting his tweet in which he claimed Redfern was making up his call for the murders of the rioters. The online beef concluded with Bruesewitz replying to a tweet from Matt Working, DeSantis’ strategic communications director for his Super PAC Never Back Down, name-calling him “Fatt Wolking.”