The Rolling Stones are coming to Phoenix. So is the traffic. How to minimize the aggravation

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The Rolling Stones bring their Hackney Diamonds Tour to State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, on Tuesday, May 7.

They’re the first act ever to bring three tours through State Farm Stadium, having previously played there in 2006 (when it was still called University of Phoenix Stadium) and 2019. The last time they were here, on the No Filter Tour, they drew a crowd of 52,726.

That's a lot of people, which can only mean a lot of traffic as thousands and thousands of drivers inch their way along the roads that lead to State Farm Stadium.

This is especially true for those who like to time their arrival to when the Stones are just about to hit the stage.

That’s how bottlenecks happen. And bottlenecks are wonderful for playing slide guitar, as Keith Richards could tell you, but not so much for getting to your seat on time.

And you don't want to miss a minute of the action. As Mick Jagger told The Republic in an exclusive interview, he's there to make sure people hear the songs they came to hear.

"Well, "I have a list of all the numbers we rehearsed, right?" Jagger said. "We rehearsed for four weeks. So then, I go through all the ones I think we have to do, that people expect, that if we didn't do them, people would go, “Well, I came here to see ‘Honky Tonk Women' and they didn't do it.” And of course, I enjoy doing it. It's not a problem."

As luck would have it, there are ways to make your trip to State Farm Stadium as painless as humanly possible.

The earlier you get to State Farm Stadium for the Rolling Stones, the better

As with any major stadium event, it’s best to plan on getting to the parking lot as early as you can. The concert starts at 8 p.m. Doors are at 6 p.m. Parking lots open at 4 p.m.

“Unfortunately when doors open, that’s right around midway through after-work rush hour,” says Moroni Mendez, a public information officer with the Glendale Police Department. "So our advice would be to try to get there early so that you can beat the traffic or do anything you can to avoid being stuck in all that congestion.”

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Figure out your parking for the Rolling Stones concert in advance

Mendez advises visiting the venue’s website,, to figure out the parking situation in advance.

“I always try to tell people to try to research ahead of time just so that they know approximately which area they want to park and what route is best to take,” he says.

This map should help.

Follows signs directing traffic outside State Farm Stadium

Roadways will be closed as you approach the stadium with traffic barriers and signs directing cars to go a certain way.

“It’s kind of hard to guess or know ahead of time how the roads are going to be set up,” Mendez says. “That’s why we advise people to try to get there earlier so they can try to beat the rush.”

General Parking (blue) access points are available via Glendale Avenue or Cardinals Way from Loop 101 and from surface streets, including 91st and 99th avenues. Upon nearing the stadium, follow the guidance provided by messaging boards and parking staff.

The stadium's parking operations team will direct vehicles into lots according to capacity and traffic flow. To ensure smooth parking and to be directed to the closest available lot to State Farm Stadium, adhere to the directions and instructions provided by Glendale police and the stadium's parking staff.

“When entering the entertainment district, just pay attention to traffic signs directing cars and obviously drive with caution,” Mendez says. “There’s going to be a lot of traffic, a lot of vehicles. Maybe you can focus on the driving and have a passenger available to keep an eye out and kind of lead you.”

Mendez says the stadium will be providing updates on Instagram, Facebook, and X, formerly known as Twitter.

Use the WAZE app for State Farm Stadium road closure details

Road closures around the stadium will be included in the WAZE app the day of the event.

Fans with Red Preferred Parking can search WAZE for Red Lot - State Farm Stadium for guided navigation to the Red Preferred entry.

General parking can arrive at the stadium parking from any direction to be guided into the closest available lot.

Have your parking ticket QR code ready to scan

Traffic will move faster if you take a moment before you arrive at the stadium parking entry to upload your parking permit QR code and have it open on your phone for the parking attendant to scan.

Taking Lyft or Uber to the Rolling Stones at State Farm Stadium

Mendez also recommends using Uber or Lyft.

“If you use rideshare, you don’t have to worry about the driving,” he says. “And it’s maybe a little simpler as far as being dropped off and not having to worry about finding a parking space.”

The drop-off and pick-up area for Rideshare/Family and Friends is situated south of the stadium in the Black Lot. For any updates, please check the event’s detail page.

Know what you can take into the stadium before you go

Mendez suggests reviewing the stadium’s clear bag policy and the list of prohibited items, both of which you can find in our ultimate guide to the Rolling Stones at State Farm Stadium, before you head into the concert.

“There are lockers, but they fill up quickly,” Mendez says. “So just avoid the things that are not allowed in the stadium.”

That being said, he adds, be careful about leaving valuables in your car.

“When it comes to stealing or taking things out of vehicles, a lot of times these criminals seek crimes of opportunity,” he says. “And what I mean by that is unsecured vehicles, objects in plain sight, things like that.”

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If you plan on drinking at the Rolling Stones, don't plan on driving

Mendez also encourages fans who like to drink to have a plan in place for getting home.

“Obviously with any event like this, there’s gonna be drinking,” he says. “It’s not worth it to even question if you’re good enough to drive or not. Just don’t do it. Make those plans to get home safely, whether it’s using rideshare or taxi services or even just having a designated driver.”

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