Roguelike darling Vampire Survivors is hopping on "a hot new gaming trend called 'having a story'"

 Vampire Survivors.
Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors, the 2022 roguelike bullet hell surprise smash hit, is getting a brand new game mode after developer Poncle "discovered a hot new gaming trend called 'having a story.'"

Personally, I think Poncle is being a little too hard on itself here. There's already a story in Vampire Survivors! The evil Bisconte Draculó summoned a massive horde of monsters because, again, he's an evil jerk, and it's your job to survive and stop him. It didn't quite make our list of the best video game stories ever, but it's a serviceable enough narrative framework for mindlessly blasting through waves of pixels.

Regardless, the next Vampire Survivors update will add the first wave of Adventures, "self-contained miniature story modes that remix the game's content." These "wacky sidequests" will "offer a unique progression path, giving the player an opportunity to start from scratch and face custom challenges with a limited arsenal - without losing their precious unlocks in the main game."

Poncle says Adventures will be bundled in with normal free updates as well as paid DLC, and the developer has no plans to stop adding stuff like new characters, weapons, and stages. It's safe to say Vampire Survivors will keep getting updates for the foreseeable future, as Poncle recently said it's too focused on the roguelike darling to even think of what's next.

There's no release date for the big Adventures update, but Poncle says one is "coming soon." For now, you can play Vampire Survivors on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Game Pass, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Android and Apple mobile devices.

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