'Rogue One' Star Gets Profane Comment From C-3PO Actor

Alan Tudyk is quickly becoming a favorite among Star Wars fans for his performance in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Alan played the brutally honest droid K-2SO and got a pretty funny compliment from fellow droid actor Anthony Daniels, who played the beloved C-3PO.

Alan visited Conan Monday night, where he told the the host about the couple of interactions he’s had with Anthony. Alan saw Anthony at the premiere, where he asked the C-3PO actor to give him some notes on his performance after he watched the movie. Alan told Conan, “I saw him at the party afterward, and he came up and said, ‘F*** you!’”

Anthony was impressed by Alan’s performance and was, clearly, just joking with the K-2SO actor. But while Anthony was impressed with Alan, he was also a little jealous of droid actors these days. Anthony has to wear a very uncomfortable robot costume when he plays C-3PO, and when he asked Alan if he had to wear a costume, Alan told him that it was just motion capture, to which Anthony jokingly replied, “You s***.”

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