‘Rogue One': Jyn’s Kyber-Crystal Necklace and the Death Star, Explained (Photos)

‘Rogue One': Jyn’s Kyber-Crystal Necklace and the Death Star, Explained (Photos)

For long-time “Star Wars” fans, the all-new international trailer for “Rogue One”, which released this morning, may have sparked nostalgic memories and several new questions. Fans were given a longer time to ogle over Darth Vader, better looks at the all-new U-Wing, and a brief look at how the title team’s call name came to be. But what stood out most was one additional scene that, alongside the Force-religious planet of Jedha, ties this movie even closer into the central story of “Star Wars” than ever before.

In a tense moment, a woman who appears to be Jyn’s mother gives her a necklace with a crystal attached, and tells the girl to “trust in the Force.” Jyn holds on to that necklace through to adulthood, but what makes that crystal relevant enough to focus on so heavily is the fact that it’s very likely a kyber crystal, a force-attuned stone most commonly known as the central power source of a lightsaber. If this actually is a kyber crystal, it will be the first one seen on-screen in a live action “Star Wars” film.

But, stop yourself: before we go jumping into any wild “Jyn the Jedi” talk, it’s important to keep our focus on what other connections the crystals have when it comes to the events of “Rogue One” specifically. Check out the gallery below to see how.

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