The Rock Says He Was Approached To Run For President In 2022

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The Rock wasn’t able to become President in his own sitcom, but some political parties think he could succeed in real life.

WWE Legend The Rock was a recent guest on What Now? with Trevor Noah. When asked about the possibility of running for President of The United States, Johnson revealed that he was contacted in 2022 about the possibility of running for office.

“I’ll share this little bit with you: at the end of the year in 2022, I got a visit from the parties asking me if I was going to run and if I could run,” The Rock revealed. “It was a big deal, and it came out of the blue.

“It was one after the other, and they brought up that poll, and they also brought up their own deep-dive research; it was all very surreal because that’s never been my goal. My goal has never been to be in politics and, as a matter of fact, there’s a lot about politics that I hate.”

Why running for President is off the table for The Rock right now

Despite interest from political parties, The Rock doesn’t want an occupation right now that will keep him away from his family.

“With my 22-year-old daughter, Simone, we like to say that we grew up together,” The Rock said. “I know what it’s like to be in an occupation that took me away. As a pro wrestler full-time, I was wrestling 230 dates a year for years as she came into the world.

“So I know what it’s like to have that separation and not be there for the birthdays, for the pickups, the drop-offs, and everything else. And I don’t want that for my little ones now. So that was one of my primary discussions with the parties, who were ultimately like, ‘Yeah, but the other ones have done it like this.'”

While it’s not in the realm of possibility right now, Johnson teased that in the future, if that’s what the people really want, he would consider it.

“If that’s ultimately what the people would want, then of course I would consider it,” The Rock teased. [H/T: Insider]

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