The Rock Reacts To Clip Of Him Inviting Child And His Brother On Stage

WWE WrestleMania 40 The Rock
Photo Credit: WWE
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The Rock isn’t all bad, despite being the Final Boss.

During a Q&A at WWE World before WrestleMania, The Rock spoke to a child in the crowd. The boy said that he had tickets to WrestleMania 40 to see The Rock beat Cody Rhodes.

He invited the boy on stage for a photo. He called The Rock his idol, and that he looks up to the People’s Champion. However, before he could have a photo with his idol, the child asked if his brother Julian could come on stage with him, in a heart-warming display of brotherly love.

They shared a hug with the former WWE Champion, before the three of them posed with a photograph.

The Rock posted the video to his Twitter account. He added a caption, calling it a “once in a lifetime moment”, noting the “sibling love” between the two brothers.

The Rock wrote:

“How cool is this kid, that in this once in a lifetime moment – he has the [heart] to want to get his brother up on stage with us!! That’s sibling love right there I consider myself a lucky SOB and there’s a lot of cool parts about my job – and meeting people is one of them. ESPECIALLY our kids. You two boys stay cool, study hard, listen to your parents and I appreciate the love! – Final Boss”.

The Rock: Seth Rollins Was The MVP Of WrestleMania 40

The Rock thinks Seth Rollins was the MVP of WrestleMania. He took to Instagram after the event to thank everyone involved in the match, with particular praise for former World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins.

“I want to say congratulations to the men I was in the ring with. These guys are the best in the planet,” The Rock said. “Congratulations to Cody Rhodes, the new Universal Champion. As I had said, when ‘The Final Boss’ returns, he’s coming back for you. I’ll make you bleed again, boy [laughs]. Congratulations, Cody Rhodes. Congratulations to my cousin, Roman Reigns on an incredible three-and-a-half year run, maybe even four years.

“Just incredible and iconic and historic. I’m very, very proud of you, uso. And also congratulations to who I feel is the real MVP of the entire WrestleMania weekend, Seth Rollins. What an honor it was to share the ring with you three. What an honor it was for us to break records, and now, my sights are set on the next WrestleMania. But that’s down the road, a conversation down the road.”

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