Roc Marciano Drops Video for New Song "Downtown 81"

Joshua Espinoza
·1 min read

Roc Marciano ended the week the same way he started it. On a strong note.

The Long Island native has come through with the official video for "Downtown 81," a standout track from his eighth studio album that arrived on Monday. The visual was directed by Jason Goldwatch, who has worked with everyone from Kid Cudi and Jay-Z to Nas and Pusha T.

Mt. Marci is currently unavailable on major streaming services, but can be purchased on Roc's official webstore. The rapper reflected on his decade-long career during an interview with Complex back in May, insisting he had every intention to remain an independent artist.

"I’m not pressed for no deal," he said. "Once you decide to actually take these deals, it can get weird with your freedom—being able to put out product when you want to and stuff like that. I really don’t care for having too many chefs in the kitchen. I’m listening to what everybody has got to say, I’m taking meetings. But as an independent artist, I’m doing very well."

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