Robert Pattinson Tried on 'Every Single' Batsuit While Auditioning for The Batman

Things We're Looking Forward to in 2022
Things We're Looking Forward to in 2022

Robert Pattinson in The Batman (2022)

Robert Pattinson went above and beyond to prepare for his role in The Batman.

The actor, 35, who suited up to play Batman/Bruce Wayne in the latest DC film, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday, where he spilled about his wardrobe in the film. Pattinson revealed to host Jimmy Kimmel that he tried on every past Batman suit worn by actors who had played the caped crusader before him.

When Kimmel, 54, asked if Pattinson could confirm the rumor that he had read for the role of Batman while wearing a real batsuit, the actor admitted he had tried on "every single one."

"Every single still has the actor's kind of sweat inside," he said, before telling Kimmel the famous suits were kept in "a little cage somewhere in Warner Bros. costume department."

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Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson

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Pattinson continued, "There's the same people in the costume department who worked on every single one of the Batman movies. So they don't really care who the director is or anything. They're like, 'Do not mess these suits up.' "

The actor explained that after trying on all of the suits, he realized "it's the size of your head that's the defining factor" in fitting into one. For Pattinson, "the body fit more on Val Kilmer's one and the head fit on [George] Clooney's one, so they kind of Frankensteined it," he said, referring to two actors who played Batman in the past.

"Either one didn't really fit, and you've got like three costume workers trying to squeeze your legs into this 30-year-old foam costume which is just disintegrating as you're getting into it," he said.

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Pattinson added, "And then you're boiling hot. This is before I'd even got the part. This is the screen test. So you're absolutely terrified."

The Twilight star told Kimmel that the suit he wore for the screen test had "very prominent" nipples, and laughed as he told the late night host he had "to be lubed up and squeezed into it."

While Pattinson said he grew up watching Adam West as Batman, he didn't see West's suit in the costume department and did not get to try it on.

Although he cobbled together past Batman looks while auditioning for the part, he got his very own suit after locking down the role. Pattinson told Entertainment Weekly his Batsuit "felt very different immediately."

"It really flowed. It was so well-designed, so articulated on all the joints," he continued. "It was kind of shocking."

The Batman premieres in theaters March 4.