Robert De Niro yells "Shame on you!" at former assistant while on the stand

Robert De Niro
Robert De Niro
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Robert De Niro

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given how much fun getting sued generally is, Robert De Niro does not seem to be having a good time today in court. He’s on the stand today in the case brought by his former personal assistant, Graham Chase Robinson, who has accused her former boss of subjecting her to—among other things—unwanted physical contact, sexually-charged comments, “stereotypically female duties like housework,” and other “office wife” duties like making her “scratch his back, button his shirts, fix collars, tie his ties, and prod him awake when he was in bed” even after De Niro made her an executive at his Canal Productions label. (You can read more about the accusations here.)

But it was another very specific allegation that pushed De Niro over the edge today, with Deadline reporting that he shouted “Shame on you, Chase Robinson!” on the witness stand when asked whether he had ever “audibly urinated while in a bathroom on a phone call with his assistant”—which, and this is not to be taken as an opinion in favor of either side of this suit, is the kind of stereotypical “bad boss” behavior that a bad boss might do in a comedy about a bad boss.

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