RFK Jr. Lashes Out at Rolling Stone After Article Shows GOP Link to Presidential Run: ‘Establishment Propaganda’

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Following Rolling Stone’s publication of an article linking a super PAC backing Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Republican representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene and George Santos, the anti-vaccine activist lashed out at the publication on Twitter, calling it a “channel for Establishment propaganda.”

“Expect Rolling Stone to lead the corporate media’s frantic crusade to vilify me to stop my White House bid,” Kennedy Jr. wrote. “Rolling Stone was once the premier standard-bearer of the counterculture. Now it’s a channel for Establishment propaganda. #TrollingStone #RollingSmear

The article, released Friday, pointed to filings viewed by Rolling Stone that tied the creators of the pro-Kennedy Jr. Super PAC “Heal the Divide” to pro-Donald Trump officials like Greene, Santos and Hershel Walker. Rolling Stone deemed it “abnormal” that Kennedy Jr. is running as a Democrat despite being backed by Republican-affiliated donors.

The article also cites unnamed Fox News employees who told Rolling Stone that higher-ups at the right-wing news network have considered featuring Kennedy Jr.’s candidacy more prominently in an attempt to make President Joe Biden look weak.

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Rolling Stone has yet to respond to Kennedy Jr.’s post, and did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

Kennedy Jr.’s history with Rolling Stone dates back to 2005, when the publication released a since-removed article written by Kennedy Jr. that falsely linked childhood vaccines to autism.

Related to all of this, Kennedy will be a guest speaker next week at a gathering for the extremist anti-LGBTQ group Mom’s for Liberty in Philadelphia.

Fire Fox News host Tucker Carlson made assertions similar to Kennedy Jr’s on Friday, stating on his Twitter show that “there’s never been a candidate for president the media hated more than Robert Kennedy Jr.”

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