Rob Halford and Judas Priest Celebrate 50 Years with World Tour and Box Set

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The legendary Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford just turned 70 and looks amazing. He attributes good genes and a good outlook on life. We were fortunate to catch some of his uplifting light virtually last week from his home in Arizona. The band is celebrating 50 years with a world tour that promises all the great spectacles you've come to know about a Judas Priest show if you've ever seen one; loads of steel, great lighting, video screens, and many costume changes. 'Not as many as Cher this year,' laughs Halford. And lots of other surprises. But above all, 'music leads the way,' says Halford. As such, fans should expect a sick setlist, taking you all the way back to their first album, Rocka Rolla . They also have a mammoth limited-edition box set coming out in October called '50 Heavy Metal Years of Music,' which includes a total of 42 CDs; every official live and studio album to date, including 13 previously unreleased. It's a literal treasure trove for Priest fans. Halford, otherwise known as "Metal God," a founding father of Heavy Metal in the late 60s, says he loves 'converting people into metalheads.' And if anyone can do it, Halford can. Just his adoration and passion alone for metal and his legions of metal fans are enough to make anyone, metal lover or not, a fan. He's a bit of an anomaly; tough as nails looking, adorned in tats, studs, and dressed in all black...the 'Johnny Cash of heavy metal," he says. It took all of 1 minute to note his heart is as big, open, and honest as they come, with a genuine desire to help you live your best life. And boy, does he have the knowledge to help you do it. He also loves God, kitties, his partner of 25 years, Thomas, and a good cup of British tea, not necessarily in that order.