Rob Gronkowski gets retirement advice from Mark Wahlberg

On Wahlburgers, Mark Wahlberg gave New England Patriots superstar tight end Rob Gronkowski some career advice. Gronk, who has dealt with injuries as of late, was said to be consider retirement earlier this year but has since said he’s playing the 2018 season, and Wahlberg had some sage words of advice. “Hey, you do what’s right for you,” Wahlberg said. “Think about the next 20,30 years, ya know? Having your health?” Despite the fact that Wahlberg is a fan of Boston sports, he may have given Gronk incentive to retire sooner rather than later. When Gronk asked him what movie he’s working on, Wahlberg said, “I’m shooting a movie with the guys that did Daddy’s Home called Instant Family. We’re doing that now and then we’re doing Six Billion Dollar Man. So if you retire, we gotta put you in this movie, baby.” “I like that.” Gronk replied.