Rob Corddry and Rob Huebel's Emmy-Nominated Scene Breakdowns End in Violence

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A funny thing happened when Childrens Hospital stars Rob Corddry and Rob Huebel were both nominated for an Emmy in the new category Outstanding Actor in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series. They started trash-talking each other on Twitter. To make peace, we invited the pair into our video studio to each film one of our “My Scene to Remember” Emmy videos, breaking down a key moment from their nominated episodes. Neither man was content with being outshone by the other.

“I’m a fluid actor,” Corddry insisted, which drew derisive laughter from Huebel. “That’s not a term, I don’t think,” Huebel cackled. No matter how seriously either actor chose to take his craft, his co-star refused to allow even a single iota of pretension to go without ridicule, which is why a serious interview about the art of acting quickly devolves into an act of violence. It is probably for the best that after seven seasons on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, Childrens Hospital is no more.

Rob Corddry and Rob Huebel on Their Surprise Nominations and the End of ‘Childrens Hospital’

They discuss what it’s like to find out that you are nominated, and debate whether or not there is a cash prize that goes along with the distinction (there’s not, but don’t tell Huebel that).

Corddry, who created the series for the internet during the 2007 – 2008 WGA strike, revealed a favorite pitch that the show never got to explore… doctors in space! The script would have been too expensive, because as Huebel admits, “We would have actually go to space.” Maybe some day, Elon Musk and SpaceX can make your dreams a reality, Rob and Rob. Like Star Trek’s Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy before them, the universe needs more physicians going where no man has gone before.

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