Road House 2024: Is It a Remake, Reboot, or Sequel of the 1989 Movie?

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Jake Gyllenhaal‘s Road House is only a few days away from its streaming debut on Amazon Prime Video. However, some fans are still unsure if this new movie is a remake, a reboot, or a sequel to the 1989 Road House movie starring Patrick Swayze. Here is everything you need to know.

Is the new Road House movie a remake, reboot, or sequel?

The new 2024 Road House movie is a remake of the 1989 film Road House.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Road House is a remake, or reimagining, of the 1989 Road House film that starred Patrick Swayze. It is a remake in the sense that much like the original movie, the story follows an enigmatic and stoic man who gets a job at a roadhouse and gets involved in various violent events as a result.

However, the new Road House movie is more of a reimagining as Jake Gyllenhaal’s Dalton is a former UFC middleweight fighter and Patrick Swayze’s James Dalton is an experienced bouncer by trade in the original 1989 film.

The new Road House movie is directed by Doug Liman from a script written by Anthony Bagarozzi and Chuck Mondry.

Aside from Gyllenhaal, the film also stars Daniela Melchior, J.D. Pardo, Arturo Castro, Billy Magnussen, Jessica Williams, Lukas Gage, and Conor McGregor in his acting debut. Behind the camera, Joel Silver is in a producing role as he was for the original 1989 Road House film.

The official synopsis for Road House reads:

“In this adrenaline-fueled reimagining of the 80s cult classic, ex-UFC fighter Dalton (Jake Gyllenhaal) takes a job as a bouncer at a Florida Keys roadhouse, only to discover that this paradise is not all it seems.”

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