Riz Ahmed Reveals Struggles Filming ‘Rogue One’

On Monday’s The Late Show, Stephen Colbert pressed Riz Ahmed for any information about the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One. Riz Ahmed, who plays Bodhi Rooker in the film, was unable to share plot details but did share the unconventional way the film was made. He said, “It’s kind of different than the Star Wars movies. It’s a very boots-on-the-ground feel. Our director would often operate the camera and we would do these really intense scenes where we would do it again and again and again without stopping. Just again and again.”

The upside of shooting this way was the visceral feel to the performances. The downside was the lack of breaks. Ahmed continued, “And so, the whole film has a really intense energy and, partly, that’s because of that process because, partly, we never got to break to go to the toilet within that process at all.”

Colbert quipped, “So, if I see a shot of you, and you look furious, it’s just because your bladder is so full.”

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