Rising UK Singer Precious Pepala Shares New Visual For Her Debut Single ‘My Eyes Only’

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After making her impressive debut with her new single “My Eyes Only,” rising singer-songwriter Precious Pepala now has an official video to pair with her emotionally affecting track.

Capturing the song’s sorrowful mood, the visual features Precious in her bedroom, shedding tears in an intensely private moment to herself. The emphasis on her body language, paired with the music, makes for a powerful video.

Speaking about the music video, Precious reveals, “This is my first ever music video, so it’s really special to me. The song is very personal and shows a vulnerable side that I rarely let people see, and I wanted to show that vulnerability in a simple but beautiful way. Seeing my creative vision come to life is really exciting and I can’t wait for people to see it.”

With “My Eyes Only,” the 17-year-old singer from London has created a heart-on-your-sleeve anthem for Gen Z. Praised by NYLON Magazine as “a stunning introduction to a promising talent”, the acoustic-laden track is a minimalist showcase of Precious’s vocals as she explores her vulnerability.

Reflecting on the song’s sentiment, Precious explains, “‘My Eyes Only’ is a song about guarding your emotions and not wanting other people to see you vulnerable, especially in romantic relationships. The lyrics are a true and honest confession about how the way I want to be perceived sometimes contrasts with how I really am”.

Growing up in Sheffield, England, she began singing at the church where her father leads a congregation. She then found her early influences online, after discovering 90s-era acts like Destiny’s Child, Brandy, and Aaliyah which helped her hone her aesthetic.

She was also inspired by other singer-songwriters like Billie Eilish and Lady Gaga, learning guitar at school and starting a band with her classmates. Precious began writing songs by herself, about issues faced by her generation - insecurity, social anxiety, navigating love, and heartbreak for the first time. Amassing a cult following online, she is ready to put the game on notice with her debut single.

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