Rip Michaels Of ‘Wild ‘N Out’ Hospitalized Due To Heart Attack

Rip Micheals has shared a health update with fans from a hospital bed.

The Wild ‘N Out comedian took to Instagram on Tuesday (Nov. 14), sharing a video of him explaining to fans why he had to cancel a recent show, with the reason being that he had a heart attack.

The 41-year-old exasperatedly said, “I just wanted to let you know that I will not be making it to do the Apollo show. I’m in the hospital, and I’m going to be postponing for a later date.”

Micheals also thanked fans for their support and for buying tickets to the event. The 41-year-old assured everyone that once he’s recovered and is out of the hospital, he will deliver a “great show.”

“My deepest apologies to everyone who bought tickets to the live taping at Apollo!” he captioned the video. “My heart since the attack is only functioning at 17 percent & I am currently in CCU with good ppl in heart failure team!”

He added, “I thank each every person for all the prayers & get well wishes & your understanding & my family does too!”

See above.

Michael’s comment section immediately filled with love and support from fans and his industry peers.

Nick Cannon, the creator and host of Wild ‘N Out, wrote, “You are a titan and force of nature, always have been, Take all the time you need and Rest strong King. We all collectively send you healing energy and prayers from the highest frequency of our souls. Standing in agreement for your speedy and full recovery my brother. Love you sincerely!”

In another comment on The Shade Room, he elaborated, “This man is one of the hardest working forces of nature I’ve ever witnessed. A truly unstoppable and unbreakable Spirit! I’m standing in agreement with all his loved ones, friends and fans.”

“We are trusting God’s word and unchanging hand to continue to deliver full recovery and complete healing!” he continued. “For the scripture says ‘caste all your cares and infirmities upon him!’ In the name of Yeshua YHWH we pray! Amen!”

Former WNO comedian, Michael Blackson, also wrote, “God will heal you Rip in Jesus name amen,” as fellow Wild ‘N Out comedian and rapper, Justina Valentine, wrote, “LOVE YOU RIPPY PRAYING FOR YOU!!!!!!”

“The fact that he wanted to get up here and publicly address the people that spent money to see him shows he is dedicated and appreciative of his supporters,” one fan commented, “Even though he didn’t have to do this, he obviously chose to. Prayers for his speedy recovery and healing.”

VIBE wishes Rip Michaels a speedy recovery!

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