Ring Of Honor Results (3/9/23): Samoa Joe And Athena In Action

ring of honor
ring of honor

Ring of Honor Results – March 9, 2023

Ring of Honor kicks off this week with a brand new show intro that wasn’t present last week. The new intro gives off old-school vibes to the original Ring of Honor television opening.

Samoa Joe defeated Tony Deppen to retain the Ring of Honor Television Championship

  • Samoa Joe hits the Muscle Buster on Tony Deppen to score the pinfall victory.

Joe asked for a microphone following the match and welcomes the crowd to the new Ring of Honor. Joe said when it comes to Ring of Honor, he always runs things. He then challenged anyone in the back to step up and answer his challenge.

Mark Briscoe comes out on the stage and tells Joe that it’s been a long time and wants to know what’s good. Joe said if he has something to say, man up and say it. Briscoe said the Television Title is his destiny and challenges him to a match. Joe accepts.

Dalton Castle and The Boys are backstage and Castle says he was devastated when they lost the Six-Man Tag Titles to The Embassy. Castle said they are going to come back stronger than ever. They want another shot at The Embassy.

Dalton Castle and The Boys defeated Cody Chhun, Guillermo Rosas, and Marcus Kross

  • Dalton Castle hit the Bangarang on Guillermo Rosas to score the pinfall victory for his team.

Maria Kanellis is backstage with Mike Bennett and Matt Taven. Taven said his favorite color isn’t purple, it’s gold and they have won gold everywhere they’ve been and this interaction of Ring of Honor will be no different. Mike Bennett said Top Flight ruined their return to ROH at Final Battle and they’re looking for revenge. Maria said she wants the legacy of the OGK to last forever.

Rush and Dralistico defeated Serpentico and Angelico

  • Dralistico got the pinfall on Serpentico and removed his mask after the match.

Rush attacked Luther after the match and tossed Serpentico’s mask into the crowd.

Trish Adora defeated Billie Starkz

  • Trish Adora hit Lariat Tubman on Billie Starkz to score the pinfall victory.

Christopher Daniels is interviewed backstage and said he’s looking for an opportunity in the new era of Ring of Honor. Daniels said one of his proudest achievements was winning the tag team titles. Daniels said he can no longer tag with Frankie Kazarian and introduced Matt Sydal.

Sydal said there’s nothing the two of them can’t accomplish together and said the two of them will be tag team champions.

The Trustbusters (Ari Daivari & Slim J) defeated Jake Crist and Manscout

  • Slim J locks an STF on Manscout and gets the submission victory for The Trustbusters.

Mark Sterling gets on the microphone after the match and announces that Ari Daivari has something to say. Daviari said his victory against Metalik last week was fair and square. This brings Metalik out and he gets ganged up on by The Trust Busters. But Blake Christian comes out with a chair and chases them off.

It’s announced that Rush will be in action again next week.

Wheeler Yuta defeated Timothy Thatcher to retain the Ring of Honor Pure Championship

  • Wheeler Yuta submitted Timothy Thatcher in the ropes after Thatcher was out of rope breaks.

Yuta gets on the microphone after the match and said he hears the mixed reaction from the crowd and puts over being part of the Blackpool Combat Club. He then calls out the LA Dojo students, which brings out Clark Connors.

Connors takes the microphone away from Yuta and said it’s been a long time since he’s been in a Ring of Honor ring. Connors said Yuta on the microphone is gonna put everyone to sleep. Connors said everyone in the Blackpool Combat Club wishes they trained under Katsuyori Shibata.

He challenges Yuta to a Pure Championship match next week. At first, Yuta declines and leaves before changing his mind halfway up the ramp and accepted the challenge. The match is official for next week.

Aussie Open defeated Tracy Williams and Rhett Titus

  • Aussie Open hit Corealis on Tracy Williams to score the pinfall victory.

Eddie Kingston defeated Ben Dejo

  • Eddie Kingston hit a spinning back fist to defeat Ben Dejo in a very quick match.

Eddie Kingston gets the microphone after the match and calls out Claudio Castagnoli. Castagnoli comes out on the stage and Kingston demands his shot at the title. Castagnoli said a man without honor will never be Ring of Honor Champion and walked to the back. Kingston storms to the backstage area to chase after the champion.

They air a video package for Willow Nightingale and Athena hyping up the main event for the evening.

Athena defeated Willow Nightingale to retain the Ring of Honor Women’s World Championship

  • Athena hits the O-Face to score the pinfall victory in the main event of the evening.

Athena attacks Willow Nightingale after the bell at ringside as Ring of Honor goes off the air.

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