‘Ridiculous’ wedding rule leaves groomsman infuriated: ‘That steps over the line’

A groomsman doesn’t want to comply with a wedding dress code. He took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. His cousin is getting married and he’s in the wedding party. However, the bride’s mother is making, what he feels to be, an unfair demand of all of the groomsmen. “His fiancée’s mom says that she wants the groomsmen to shave their faces. We all have beards but four out of five of us are bald through genetics,” he said. “My beard is part of my style and it’s the only hair that I can grow so I am proud of it… So I told them that I would shave my beard if she shaved her head because after all, it’s ‘just hair,’” he continued. “… The bride is totally cool with beards. It’s her mother that wants us to be clean-shaven,” the user concluded. Reddit users sided with the groomsman on this one. “I can understand wanting it neat, but asking to shave is rude,” someone said