"Ride" exclusive clip

Beau Mirchoff (Cash) and Nancy Travis (Isabel) star in a tense scene from the first season finale of "Ride."

Video Transcript

- Being so self-destructive, Cash.

- Mom.

- What are you doing?

- Mom, this is the guy who threw Austin's focus on that day.

- Oh, that's not fair. You McMurry boys are easy bait.

- Shut up.

- Heh, see what I mean?

- Mom.

- What's he talking about?

- He set me up, OK? The cops were on me immediately.

- He didn't. I-- I asked Hank to send help to-- to protect you.

- What, you-- you called the cops?

- Yeah. I didn't think you would be arrested.

- Good call, ma'am. Your boy's got a problem in the head.

- OK. We can talk about this later, all right? I got to get on the road.

- [SIGHS] I-- sorry. I--

- What?

- I can't, Cash. I just-- I can't.

- Mom, where are you going? Mom?



- Mom, please don't do this. Mom! [SIGHS]

- Whoever said jail was boring? Hmm?