Ricky Starks Feels Like He’s Stuck In An AEW Career Mode That Needs A Patch Update

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling
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Ricky Starks has had a roller coaster ride in 2023 as it pertains to his All Elite Wrestling career.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Ricky Starks was a recent guest on the Black Rasslin’ Podcast. When asked about his tag team with Big Bill, Starks admitted the two men don’t know each other very well.

“Me and Big Bill barely know each other,” Ricky Starks revealed. “He don’t even know my birthday. I don’t know his, but we get along, and we’re tag team champions, you know what I’m saying? That’s the beauty of it. I barely know this man from Schmitt, and we are tag team champions.

“We got people who are literal blood brothers, people who have been friends for ten years. They can’t win a match to save their lives. So that’s that. Bill is great. I think Bill is cool as hell. I’m getting to know him.

“We got together, saw him at the airport, had a cup of coffee. I said, you’re cool, man; I’ll catch you at work. That’s how I started. From what I know, and I talked to him and stuff like that. He’s got some good style. Check out the Tim’s; you know what I’m saying?”

Ricky Starks is a singles wrestler who happens to be a tag team champion

When asked if he still has aspirations for singles championships in All Elite Wrestling, Starks said he’s still aiming for those things as he doesn’t consider himself a tag team wrestler.

“For sure,” Ricky Starks confirmed. “I’m still aiming for the AEW World Championship, I’m still aiming for the TNT championship and the International Championship. I’m still aiming for these things. [Because] I’m not a tag team wrestler; I’m the tag team champion, but I’m not a tag team wrestler. And I want that to be clear.

“And the same thing with Bill, Bill isn’t a tag team wrestler. We’re two singles guys that have come together under some weird circumstances starting at All In, but we made it, and we’re doing the damn thing.”

Starks went on to admit that when it comes to goals he wants to accomplish, things always get switched up on him, and compared to a career mode in a video game that requires a patch update.

“So when it comes to goals, I hate even giving an answer now because I got asked this question four months ago, and now everything switches up for me,” Ricky Starks said. “If this was one of those story modes or career modes, you would have to think there’s a patch that needs to be put out. It’s such a weird feeling.

“There’s a lot of highs and a lot of lows. But I mean, for the most part, I’m still here, thankfully. Thank God I’m talking about in this moment on this earth in the company doing things that I love to do.”

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What do you make of Ricky Starks’ comments? Have you enjoyed his tag title run with Big Bill so far? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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