Ricky Martin's Kids Are His Toughest Critics: 'What's Going On With Your Singing?'

Ricky Martin's kids aren't afraid to get real with him! When chatting with Access Daily's Mario Lopez about fatherhood, the "Tiburones" singer revealed that his children are pretty outspoken when it comes to his work. "They're critics," he explained. "They tell me, 'Dad, yesterday was better than today. What's going on with your singing?' They are very honest, and I appreciate it. [They say], 'I like the dance that you did yesterday. Today was a little bit weak, Dad.' This is what's happening in this house." Ricky also discussed his new holiday movie "Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Story," his plans to tour with Enrique Iglesias and what inspired his new Orbital Audio tech. To experience Orbital Audio, check out Ricky Martin's "Pausa: the Headphone Edition," available now on all music platforms.