Rick Ross Responds To Nagging Neighbors’ Buffalo Backlash

Rick Ross has addressed the criticism of his roving buffaloes and has given his neighbors some advice. In an Instagram story captured by the HipHopWolf, Ross asserts that his animals are peaceful while pleading with them to feed his bisons “apples” and “carrots.”

“Everybody that wanted a statement and a response for my bulls, my cows [and] a couple of buffaloes that got away in the community, this is my response,” he began. “I always return stray animals. Make sure to always keep a collar on your animal. And mine don’t have a collar ’cause you know it’s mines.”

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“So when you see my buffalo, give it a carrot. Give it an apple. They’re so kind and so peaceful,” he continued. “Thank everybody for watching. Thank everybody for making sure all my animals got back into the Promised Land…all my neighbors, Fayetteville, y’all the best, boss.”

On Monday (March 20), the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office took to Facebook to alert the area’s residents that the God Forgives, I Don’t rapper‘s animals had been let loose.

“The Sheriff’s Office was made aware of the situation and is currently working with the Fayette County Marshal’s Office to remedy the situation. Sheriff Babb and Chief Deputy Rhodes have also been in communication with Northbridge residents since last week listening to these concerns,” the FB post reads. “While it is legal to own livestock (cattle, sheep, horses, goats, etc.), in Fayette County, the owner is responsible for properly restraining the animals. If the owner is shown to be negligent, they could be charged. (O.C.G.A. 4-3-3).

“So, as captivating as these animals are, we encourage everyone to use caution if they were to encounter them. Although they are mostly docile, they can be unpredictable and possibly become aggressive. If you happen to encounter the buffalo, we encourage you to contact the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.”

The MMG leader‘s response arrives on the heels of one of Rick’s neighbors speaking with TMZ, claiming that two bison from his Georgia compound invaded her land.

Ross’ neighbor alleged that she brought the matter to his team, but when she questioned them about the situation, the conversation escalated into a “verbal dispute” with Rick’s party.

The unnamed woman is looking to file her complaints with the city of Fayetteville, GA, as a civil dispute after being turned away by law enforcement.

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