‘Rick and Morty’ Are ‘Trapped in a Pringles Commercial’ Just in Time For the Super Bowl

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As the Bryan Cranston/Mountain Dew/”The Shining” nightmare has recently reinforced, no IP is safe from becoming fodder for a Super Bowl ad. That truth also extends to Adult Swim’s “Rick and Morty,” a series whose relationship with other brands is… saucy, at best.

But unlike the catalysts for a good deal of Super Bowl ads, “Rick and Morty” at least has the ability to add some meta-commentary to the whole corporate farce (while still being a cog in that machine, that is). Those cogs happen to be literal in the case of this particular Super Bowl commercial.

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What starts as Rick and Summer simply watching a — to be perfectly honest, lackluster — Pringles Super Bowl commercial quickly transforms into a Pringles commercial inside of a Pringles commercial. Naturally, Rick is fast to realize they’re stuck in a Pringles commercial. Also naturally, Morty is revealed to be a Pringles robot.

“Pringles! We’re trapped in a Pringles commercial. They must’ve taken us in our sleep,” Rick explains to Summer, revealing the Pringles logo under the wallpaper. He also mentions that “they” warned him this would happen. (Since this is a 30-second ad spot instead of a 30-minute episode of television, there’s not enough time for an explanation of who “they” is or why this is even happening in the first place.) There’s only enough time for an army of Morty robots — you know, Mort-bots — to attack, spewing their evil message of stacking Pringles flavors to make new ones.

As the official “Rick and Morty” official Twitter explains, “The flavor stack takeover has begun.” Help us all.

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