Richard Simmons Is “Not Dying,” Despite Facebook Post Saying He is “Dying”: Spokesperson

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The mystery surrounding Richard Simmons and his health received a bizarre new chapter today when the former fitness guru took to Facebook to announce that he was “dying.” However, in a statement released just hours later, a representative for Simmons clarified “with 100 percent certainty that Richard is not dying. He’s, in fact, very healthy and happy. The sole purpose of the post was meant to be inspirational.”

In a post to his verified Facebook page on Monday, Simmons wrote, “I have some news to tell you. Please don’t be sad. I am ….dying. Oh I can see your faces now. The truth is we all are dying. Every day we live we are getting closer to our death.”

Simmons continued: “Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to enjoy your life to the fullest every single day. Get up in the morning and look at the sky… count your blessings and enjoy. ”

The post proceeded to share advice on what to eat for breakfast and lunch and how an archive of his workout videos can be found on YouTube.

To close the note, Simmons wrote, “There is something else very important that you must do. Tell the ones that you love that you love them. Hug those people and children who you really care for. A big hug really goes a long way.

“If you have time I want you to listen to a terrific song. It is by Tim McGraw it is called ‘Live Like You Were Dying.’ Live today and don’t forget to pray.”

Simmons’ post was met with concern by fans, who paid tribute to him in the comments’ section. “This post makes me sad! I can’t imagine living in a world that you are no longer in,” one person wrote.

Over the last decade, Simmons has retreated from the spotlight and hasn’t been seen publicly since February 2014. This led to media reports about concern over his well-being, such as a widely read 2016 story in the New York Daily News.

Earlier this year, Pauly Shore confirmed that he is set to play Simmons in an upcoming biopic, which Shore believes “could save lives.” 


Richard Simmons Is “Not Dying,” Despite Facebook Post Saying He is “Dying”: Spokesperson
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