Richard Lewis is returning to Curb Your Enthusiasm, and that’s pretty, pretty, pretty good news

Richard Lewis and Larry David
Richard Lewis and Larry David

Guess who’s back, back again. Richard Lewis is back. Tell a friend.

In a rare moment of positivity for Twitter, comedian Richard Lewis surprised fans by tweeting about his imminent return to the world of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Lewis, who’s appeared off and on the series for more than two decades, struggled with numerous health issues that made his participation uncertain.

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“I’m back shooting Curb! I’m a lucky cat to be with my oldest pal who just so happens to be a genius,” Lewis tweeted. “Don’t tell him I called him that or he’ll mock me to my grave. A 22 year ride so far!”

As Deadline noted, Lewis only appeared in one episode in season 11. The comedian spent time away from the show while recovering from multiple surgeries on his back and shoulders.

Lewis’ health problems were also covered on the show [yeesh] more than 17 years ago. In the season five episode “Lewis Needs A Kidney,” Larry and Jeff (Jeff Garlin) learn that, yes, Richard Lewis needs a kidney transplant, and they’re both matches for a transplant. Of course, both Larry and Jeff treat the situation with maturity and courage.

As for when we’ll be able to see Richard Lewis in new episodes of Curb, that’s a little up in the air. HBO announced in August that there would be another season. David has had an open invitation to make the show on his own time, taking as much as six years off between seasons. However, the terminally irritated David has been on a hot streak of late, pumping out seasons continuously for the last few years. As the comedian said earlier this year:

Playing the role of Larry David has been the greatest honor of my life. In researching this multi-faceted, multi-talented man, I discovered that there’s more to him than I ever could have imagined: He speaks six languages, brines his own pickles, and spearheads a national movement to install a bidet in every home. I’ve also been told from numerous sources that he is the most generous of lovers. I am so excited to once again transform into this force of nature. I only pray that I can do him justice.

We hope to see Larry David and Richard Lewis doing their characters justice again very soon.

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