Richard Gere Serves Up Family Drama in Exclusive Clip From 'The Dinner'

Yahoo Movies Editorial

In Norman (now in theaters), Richard Gere plays a wannabe dealmaker who will do anything to rub elbows with the political elite. But in his next film, The Dinner, Gere is among the political elite —and he’s got a serious dilemma on his hands, as teased in a new clip exclusive to Yahoo Movies (watch it above).

Stan Lohman (Gere) — a popular congressman in the running for governor — arrives at dinner (the dinner) with one goal in mind: Hashing out exactly what to do about his trouble-making son. The 16-year-old and his cousin have not yet been identified, but they’ve committed a heinous crime that not only could destroy their own lives, but also potentially sink Lohman’s political future.

Other attendees at the tense upscale meal: Stan’s wife, Katelyn (Rebecca Hall), his estranged younger brother, Paul (Steve Coogan, also featured in the clip above), and sister-in-law Claire (Laura Linney).

Based on Herman Koch’s 2009 Dutch novel of the same, The Dinner was directed and written for the screen by Oren Moverman (The Messenger). It will be served in theaters May 5.

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