What Is RHONY’s Sai De Silva’s Net Worth? Inside the Content Creator’s Digital Empire

She may be a reality television rookie, but Sai De Silva is no stranger to the camera. The Real Housewives of New York City reboot star has become her own brand throughout her successful career as an influencer. Not only does she have the hottest lifestyle content online, but she makes a pretty penny doing it.

What Is RHONY’s Sai De Silva’s Net Worth?

Sai has an estimated net worth of $1 to $1.5 million, according to multiple reports.

How Does RHONY’s Sai De Silva Make Money?

Sai started her digital empire after she launched blog Scout the City. The lifestyle website features the reality star’s photos and write-ups about fashion, motherhood, family and travel. The blog hit next-level success after an online publication shared Sai’s mommy-and-me content with her daughter, London, in 2015.

The Bravo star’s financial success is her pride and joy as she grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and now she lives in the city’s Brownstones. “I think I remember growing up very broke, but always just daydreaming,” she said during season 14, while discussing her work ethic. “I think I used to just daydream, and I think that was a form of manifestation. I didn’t know how I was going to get it; I just knew that I was not going to settle for mediocrity.”

As for her online presence, Sai has over 526k followers on Instagram, more than 53.1k YouTube subscribers and over 2.6 million likes on TikTok, where she posts her humorous clips.

'RHONY' Sai De Silva Net Worth: How She Makes Money

In addition to her main hustle, Sai also cohosts the “Harder Than We Thought” podcast.

Is RHONY’s Sai De Silva Married?

With her nonstop schedule, many would question how she has time for a personal life. Thankfully, Sai’s husband, Craig David, is a big helping hand when she’s booked and busy with work.

The lovely couple got married in 2009 and welcomed London two years later. They grew their family in 2017 after the birth of their son, Scout.

Sai and Craig have always had a private relationship and she doesn’t post photos of him online. That being said, her hubby has been featured on The Real Housewives of New York City and is usually the voice of reason amidst the women’s drama.

During the season 14 premiere, Sai revealed that Craig retired so that he could be a full-time dad to their kids while she has to work.

“He is very involved when it comes to his family, and I think he should win an award for father of the year!” she said of her partner in 2023.