How the RHODubai Cast Is Preparing for Their Very First Reunion

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How the RHODubai Cast Is Preparing for Their Very First Reunion

The Real Housewives of Dubai's historic first season just might lead to a reunion of equal magnitude.

Andy Cohen and the cast taped the season one special on July 28 in New York City, where E! News got the inside scoop on what's to come. Plus, who each Housewife is taking aim at.

For Chanel Ayan, the answer was quite simple. "The Carolines," she told E! News, referencing her co-stars Caroline Stanbury and Caroline Brooks. "One is evil, one is Trashbury, so I will definitely deal with the evil and the Trashbury at some point."

At the same time, Ayan's not opposed to healing old wounds. The model was sitting side by side with Lesa Milan, who chimed in to explain that they're both going to try and be positive. "We're thinking that it's going to be more like a therapy session," Lesa explained, "'cause our group needs a little bit of therapy. So, Andy's a therapist."

"Hopefully he can fix it," Lesa added. "If he can't, we don't care."

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Like Ayan, Stanbury was eager to hash out any issues she had with the other ladies. "I'm not nervous," the Ladies of London alum told E! News. "I'm ready."

In fact, Stanbury had her very own strategy prepared. As she explained, "It's my nature to hold things in and just get on with life—I think you'll see I'm respectful of other girls, even in the interviews and things—so I'm ready now to say my bit. So I'm excited."

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Stanbury didn't mention any specific cast members, but the same couldn't be said for Brooks, who explained that there were still lingering feelings after her explosive fight with Sara Al Madani. As RHODubai fans may recall, the two found themselves in a screaming match after Sara made a comment about Brooks' son, Adam.

To make matters worse, Nina Ali inadvertently placed herself in the center of the drama by telling Sara just how upset Brooks was with her comment.

As Brooks told E! News, "I don't know how she got caught in the middle of that. But more of my issue was with Sara, and at the reunion it still needs to be addressed."

She said this while also acknowledging that she and Sara have since reconciled. "Even though we are friends now," Brooks continued, "had we fully ever gotten to the root of what happened that day, and really talked about it? No. We kind of just moved past it."

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And watching the season back only hurt her "open wound," Brooks added. "That's the person who I actually just want to talk to in front of the world and say, 'Hey, this is what you made me feel like that day.' And then put it behind us forever."

As for the Housewife previously stuck between Brooks and Sara, Nina told E! News she was both nervous and excited for the reunion. "I'm looking forward to it just because I want to clear the air and my name," she said. "I've been hearing some of the women say a lot of things that are so not true. So I want to be able to go on the reunion and clear my name for that."

Nina didn't divulge any additional details, but she did admit later on that she was upset to hear Ayan call her a "flip-flopper."

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"How am I a flip-flopper?" Nina continued. "Define what a flip-flopper is. To me, a flip-flopper is someone that comes and talks to you and they're nice to you and then they go and they talk bad about you. I never did that."

Unfortunately, we won't know whether or not her co-stars agree with her until the reunion airs.

The Real Housewives of Dubai airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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