'RHOC' Star Gina Kirschenheiter Demands Estranged Husband Be Drug Tested in Custody Battle

“Real Housewives of Orange County” star Gina Kirschenheiter is demanding her estranged husband, Matt, be drug tested as part of their custody battle.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Gina has requested that new terms be added to the temporary custody agreement reached with Matt Kirschenheiter over their kids. Gina asked for an emergency hearing to be set, and has asked a judge to order Matt “submit to random expanded urine drug/alcohol testing within 24 hours of” her written request. The reality star said if he failed the test then his visitation should be terminated pending a hearing.

She claimed the reason for her request was Matt recently telling her he would be enrolling in an inpatient/outpatient treatment facility for 30 days. Gina wrote in the docs, “Matt has a drug and alcohol issue.”

Gina also accused him of violating the temporary custody agreement by not having his parents around to monitor. She pleaded with a judge to grant her petition “to prevent irreparable harm and imminent risk to our children’s health, safety and well-being.”

In the docs, she admitsthat she was thinking of getting back with him after his domestic violence arrest. Gina claims she ultimately decided against the idea. She even included a text conversation where he tells her he is “remorseful” over the alleged incident.

Matt fired back at Gina’s request saying there was no reason for an emergency hearing. He then trashes Gina saying she has her own problems, pointing to her recent DUI arrest. Matt says he has never been arrested for anything involving drugs or alcohol.

He accuses her of using their divorce to “further her 'story' of domestic violence”. Matt says Gina even went back to shoot extra scenes for the new season of “RHOC” to talk about the domestic violence allegations against him.

Matt claims he used to recreationally smoke marijuana and drink with Gina. He claims to have only considered attending rehab after Gina demanded it. Matt even claims his long time employer forced him to resign, “when it became clear that the tabloids and social media had taken over the story, and future opportunities and advancement within the company would be impossible.”

He demanded Gina not be granted her request. A judge sided with him and denied Gina’s emergency motion but scheduled a hearing for later this month.

Last year, Gina filed for divorce from Matt following nearly eight years of marriage. She cited irreconcilable differences for the split.

In her petition, she listed the date of marriage as May 15, 2010 and the separation date as March 3, 2018. The two share three minor children and she asked for joint legal and primary physical custody. Gina is seeking spousal support and wants Matthew’s right to seek support terminated.

Matthew filed court docs months later demanding the court not grant his estranged wife primary custody and checked the box seeking joint custody. Matthew did agree Gina should be paid spousal support. He did note that he wants all assets he owned before the marriage — including his clothing, jewelry, and personal effects — to be awarded to him, along with his post-separation earnings.

Last month, Gina and Matt hashed out a temporary deal that allowed him to have supervised visitation with their three kids following his domestic violence arrest.Per their deal, Matt got several days with the kids but the time has to be supervised. He has to have his mother Patricia Kirschenheiter or father Martin present or the kids' paternal aunt or uncle.

The other terms of the restraining order taken out by Gina will remain in effect. The reality star also agreed to possibly allow more days with the kids in the future.

The deal comes after Matt was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. Gina would take out a restraining order against her husband days later. The court granted the petition and ordered Matt to stay 100 yards away from her and their kids until a further court hearing.