‘RHOBH’ Star Diana Jenkins Sues Online ‘Bots’ Over Racist Comments

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'RHOBH' star Diana Jenkins is suing anonymous bots online, claiming she is the victim of their coordinated attack making it look like she is a racist.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, the 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' star is attempting to unmask the people behind the anonymous social media accounts, who attacked her co-star -- Garcelle Beauvais -- making it look like she did it.

Many fans of the reality show are aware of the situation after Jenkins broke her silence over the situation. Garcelle, who is black, was the victim of nasty messages from various accounts, as well as her 14-year-old son.

"These are messages that Defendant intentionally delivered to a fourteen-year-old boy about him, his mother, and his family. They are despicable messages. While Defendant had full knowledge that Ms. Jenkins had absolutely nothing to do with these messages being sent to Ms. Beauvais' fourteen-year-old son or anyone else, Defendant delivered the messages intending that they would be falsely attributed to Ms. Jenkins for the purpose of harming Ms. Jenkins' reputation," she wrote.

'RHOBH' Star Diana Jenkins Claims Investigation Confirms She Is NOT Behind Racist Attacks

'RHOBH' Star Diana Jenkins Sues Online 'Bots' Over Racist Comments

Adding, "An investigation into the accounts confirms that the comments almost certainly came from bots and not real people. For example, the above-described accounts lack personal information about the user, have suspicious handles incorporating a lot of numbers, few posts and the few posts are all on the exact same day, posting comments with poor grammar, and were created in the last few months."

To give an example, nasty messages directed at Beauvais' son included, "You'd have your neck kneeled on if it weren't for you white daddy. Tell your mom to leave Diana alone or you'll deal with us."

It should be noted, that the two reality stars have traded jabs in the past few months -- which many chalked up to good drama for television. But, Jenkins is clear in the new lawsuit, "Episodes of the current season of the Show have featured confrontations between the various cast members, including confrontations between Ms. Jenkins and Ms. Beauvais. However, as for Ms. Jenkins and Ms. Beauvais, there are lines they have not crossed during these exchanges. Ms. Jenkins respects Ms. Beauvais and her family. Ms. Jenkins has not, and would not, cross from entertainment to racially charged attacks."

Diana Jenkins Plans On Subpoenaing Instagram To Unmask Online Bots

'RHOBH' Star Diana Jenkins Sues Online 'Bots' Over Racist Comments

Interestingly, the 'RHOBH' star admits she has no idea who is behind the vicious attacks, but hopes filing the lawsuit against "John Doe" will allow for a judge to order information to be turned over from the social media companies.

"This action seeks to unmask and hold accountable the morally bankruptcy person who has attacked a child and placed blame for his/her actions on Ms. Jenkins," she concluded.

The reality star plans on issuing a subpoena to Meta (Instagram's owner) to try and get information behind the accounts.

In the end, Jenkins claims the situation hasn't gotten so out of hand she has been forced to hire 24/7 security after receiving death threats.

"Diana’s team of security experts advised her to hire four personal bodyguards as they believe credible death threats have been made,” a source close told the NY Post. Adding, "The bodyguards are 24/7. She’s taking every precaution she can to protect herself and her family."

Garcelle Beauvais has yet to comment on the lawsuit.

'RHOBH' Star Diana Jenkins Sues Online 'Bots' Over Racist Comments
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