‘RHOBH’ Diana Jenkins Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Podcaster Amid Bot Scandal Blowback


In the midst of trying to find out who harassed her co-star’s son, Diana Jenkins has also filed a lawsuit against a podcaster for defamation.

Diana Jenkins Wields Lawyers Like A Sword

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Instagram/Diana Jenkins

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newbie has filed a lawsuit against ‘Enty Lawyer’ for Defamation, alleging that they made numerous false and defamatory allegations about her.

Jenkins claims, Enty Lawyer used his website, podcast, and social media channels to publish untrue stories about her. The allegations included running an international sex trafficking and prostitution ring and accusing her of crimes in a smear campaign all in an effort to gain fame off of her back.

Jenkins's lawyers are shutting down the claims and hoping to put a definite end to the accusations made by the anonymous podcaster.

Diana Jenkins Lawyers Release A Statement

“Ms. Jenkins will no longer play the role of villain in the false and outrageous story Enty Lawyer has been publishing for his own financial gain since 2012,” they state. “It is time for the story to be set straight and for the credits to roll on Enty Lawyer’s Hollywood lie.”

The final straw came on Nov. 3 when Enty Lawyer tweeted a link to a story allegedly involving the reality star and former president Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein, and a Belgian model who Enty Lawyer supposedly identified as Jenkins.

According to the rich blonde’s lawyers, the woman in the photo was actually a Belgian model by the name of Ingrid Seynhaeve. The tweet also allegedly linked the Bosnian native to “celebrity prostitution,” and accused her of spending a lot of time with Epstein.

Diana Jenkins Spoke Of This On ‘RHOBH’

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Bravo stans will recall that Jenkins was very hush, hush regarding her coffee table book “Room 23” because of the stigma around it. When asked by one of her co-stars what happened with the book, she said that she was accused of being some kind of madame and that the book was a “catalog” showcasing available women.

She immediately renounced the hate against the book and referred to it as a passion project that is misunderstood. She also indicated that the book has made things hard for her. To Bravo fans, it is no surprise she is focused on squashing the hate around the book after watching this scene.

Why is she going after a blogger and a podcaster? Apparently, Enty Lawyer gets enough views to be on her radar. They run the blog titled “Crazy Days & Nights,” which gets about 75,000 page views per day and more than 26 million page views per year.

Jenkins's lawyers insist that the stories are sensationalized, and her real life is much less dramatic. “Her real story, while fascinating, is much more benign. She escaped Bosnia as a refugee, leaving her family behind and starting over in London. She supported herself by working multiple jobs, graduating with honors with a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and business.”

Diana Jenkins Is Working Hard To Clear Her Name

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Instagram/Diana Jenkins

Earlier this week the reality star also shared that her investigation into the bots who attacked her co-star Garcelle Beauvais is underway and she has identified at least one of the people who spewed racist hate and threats at a 14-year-old.

Unfortunately, the information she released is kind of useless because she can’t share any names or any of the juicy details for legal reasons. Meanwhile, Beauvais has seemingly responded to the break in the investigation in a snarky tweet.

“Guys it’s been a hell of a season #rhobh i’m taking a mental break from it! When there’s something important to talk about I’ll talk about it.”